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1 Year warranty

Colosso shakes! Its back and forth movements are so powerful that the spasms of your orgasm will give you the impression of being the epicenter of an earthquake!

Colosso…extremely strong!
The Colosso proposes a new principle of “magnetic transmission” extremely strong and able to go to the end of your fantasies. Never a vibrator will have taken you with so much strength. The phallic part of COLOSSO penetrates you with virility, you do not have to move, nor to force, it does all the work. Its penetrating motions are fast or slow, you choose the rhythm that suits you the best. Little by little, the buttocks move ... shake ... And more and more, you get to like very quickly. And when this force of nature will brew you so much that Yes! You will feel that ... YES! An earthquake occurs and YES! Its epicenter is precisely IN YOU! Then! YES! Will you still have the strength and the will to say: Stop?

Discovering the pleasures of G Spot ... among others!
Setting out to discover with Colosso is the right thing to do! Already, it is in non-porous silicone ultra-hygienic quality! No phthalate, no latex, no emanation, hypoallergenic for real! The Colosso seems full of promise: the right size, the right length, robust, it can even make the 7 best G-spot stimulations without ever getting tired, not even at the last moment, while stimulating the clitoris at the same time! COLOSSO will be the closest to you and the discovery of your G-spot. It looks perfect, up to his head that has been bent to allow applying exactly the right pressure, exactly in the right place, exactly at the right time! COLOSSO is also equipped with a 10-speed clitoral vibrator; so everything is there to ensure in one way or another, an exceptional moment in your sex life. Colosso another product of the prestigious Vivilo collection, the perfect balance between comfort, efficiency, safety and price and this time with Colosso… especially Pleasure!

*** Made of ABS plastic and silicone
*** Odourless, phthalate and anti-allergenic
*** Ultra powerful magnetic transmission motor
*** Motor on the clitoral part
*** Rechargeable: lithium battery with a USB cable
*** Autonomy: 30 minutes at engine full power
*** Charging time: 2 hours
*** Not waterproof
*** Weight of the device: 393gr
*** Dimension of the device: 230mm x 40mm (approximately 23cm total)
*** Guarantee: For peace of mind, all Vivilo products are guaranteed for 1 year

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