4 In 1 Cotton Candy 4oz
4 In 1 Cotton Candy 4oz

4 In 1 Cotton Candy 4oz

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Our new 4 in 1 playful flavors from Swiss Navy offer versatile pleasure options: Warming, Edible, Lubricant,
Massage. Playful Flavors is a lubricant for every lover's lifestyle. From frisky foreplay to surreal sex, 4 in 1 Playful
Flavors makes it easy to explore ways to add more play to every love life.


Flavor Profiles Professionally Formulated by a Fortune 500 Food Company
Flavored Lubricants
4-in-1 Multi-Function
Formula US and FDA Regulated Formulas


Companies on the list are considered to be of the highest quality
Bring sensory enhancement to sexual experiences
Products that offer versatile benefits are targeted for market growth of 10% per year
Creates product and brand confidentiality


The most realistic and delicious flavor available
Help inspire confidence and playfulness in mainstream users
Multi-use product helps consumers save money, earning the appreciation of retailers' customers by allowing them to try more elements in a product and respecting the budget
Identifies as safe. Builds confidence. Supports American Jobs.

Key Benefits of 4 in 1 Playful Flavors:

• The playful 4-in-1 flavors promise playful pleasure in all its forms!
• Flavored and scented lubricants can be a fun way to introduce oral sex to a partner who might be a little hesitant.
Heating lubricants are designed to enhance the sensory experience of sex.
• Research from Debby Herbenick, PhD, author of 'Because It Feels Good: A Woman's Guide to Sex
Pleasure and Satisfaction,' found flavored lubricants can help people overcome shyness about oral sex .



Cotton candy evokes happy memories and has a unique flavor profile that has been described as sweet, caramelized, jammy, fruity and berry, all in one. Cotton Candy 4 in 1 PlayfulFlavors is easy to think of as a sensual treat with its delicate sweetness and silky smooth texture.

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